Friday, December 16, 2011

Islamic Talk by Muhammad Abdul Jabbar in Birmingham

The talk by Brother Muhammad Abdul Jabbar (delivered on 16th December 2011 in Alum Rock, Birmingham, UK) was interesting and informative at the same time. The brother used a loud and angry tone in his voice and he argued that given the situation of the Muslims and what is happening in our society, there is reason to be emotional as he was.

He said that the young Muslims in our community have taken Tupac, Jay-Z, Beyonce, J-Lo, Ronaldo, etc. as role models in their lives. But, the only role model that we should follow is Prophet Muhammad (saw) and we should aspire to follow his example in our everyday lives and our behaviour, as well as actions.

Drug dealers have become role-models, youngsters see the Ferraris and Q7's and are attracted by that kind of lifestyle. But Allah (swt) has punished many drug dealers in the past and will continue to do so, none of them can escape his punishment. A drug dealer would not be able to tolerate it if he came down the stairs in the morning and saw his mother, his sister, his father or brother as a crack-head (drug addict). Yet a drug dealer ruins the lives of hundreds of people by supplying drugs to people and ruining entire families.

They think Allah (swt) Won't Punish them or they might escape, but they realise not that the Punishment can come at any time and Allah Will Grab them and their punishment will intensely severe. How can such people be our role-models?

People like Tupac and 50-Cent, we watch them on YouTube, Facebook, follow them on Twitter, they have become role-models for the Muslims of today. A role model is someone you look up to and aspire to be like.

The brother also went on to say that brothers across Birmingham naming most of the areas including Alum Rock and Sparkhill, think they are hard, selling and taking drugs, they walk around as if people should fear them, but do they not realise that Allah Can punish them as and when He Wishes.

He also criticised Sheesha lounges, mentioning Moon Lounge, Exhale and others, and claimed that they are corrupting the young generation and promoting a culture that contradicts the teachings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw). He stated that even Muslim brothers practising their religion commonly attend such environments, as well as sisters that wear the Hijab. The brother also gave examples of shocking events that have taken place amongst Muslim youth. Brother Abdul Jabbar also criticised Diary of a Bad Man on YouTube for making a mockery of Islam and questioned why such material has become widespread and popular when it shows utmost disrespect against Islam. He also criticised a Muslim woman that wears the Hijab and makes jokes involving Islam and claimed that she is making a mockery of our beliefs.

The video of the talk will be uploaded on YouTube once the same talk has been delivered at other cities within UK.

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