Thursday, June 04, 2009

Obama reaches out to Muslim world

I can't claim to have read any newspapers today, but on the radio and on TV, there is much talk about Obama and his speech to emotionally engage Muslims all over the world. At times, it seems that we almost expect Obama to change the world with his inspirational speeches. One thing is for sure, Obama is an intelligent man because he understands that by improving the image of the US amongst the Muslim world, he can significantly reduce the public support that Al-Qaeda cherishes. If Muslims no longer regard America as the enemy, Al-Qaeda will suffer because their recruitment campaign will be left without vigour.

Had Obama been a fool like Bush, he’d continue to be unpopular amongst Muslims and play the game with a traditional approach i.e. openly hating the enemy. Obama is miles ahead though, which is why he realises that the key to his success lies in keeping the masses happy, at least he is learning from the mistakes of the Bush administration. Mr. Nice guy has his own style, his own image, his wonderful words and Will Smith looks. But the bottom line is that words alone are worth very little, Obama can impress as many people as he likes but if American foreign policy doesn’t change, little can be achieved.

Obama wants the Muslim world to forget the past and make a new start. I want him to go to Iraq/Afghanistan/Palestine/Lebanon and tell an orphan to forget his parents and how they were killed by American bombs. The number of people that have died because of America is not even measurable. Can sweet words and quotes from the Q’uran and love for Islam, all expressed in a memorable speech by the President himself, be enough to compensate?

Obama seems like a great guy but I sometimes have my doubts. Is he the same old product (just like good old Bush) being marketed in a new packet (i.e. the sweet words)? For the sake of world peace, I just hope that these thoughts in my head are false and Obama proves me wrong with time!

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