Monday, December 13, 2010

What do we talk about the most?

It is often said that when people sit together, they will discuss topics that are of most interest to them and issues that are close to their hearts. Typically, we discuss subjects that matter the most to us and those which we give priority to in our lives. So next time you are in a gathering with friends or family, ask yourself what is being discussed and how important it is.

People spend hours talking about topics that are related to the life of this world and rarely allocate time to discussing Islam related issues. For example, if you were to enter a Muslim house in Birmingham, you will probably find the front room packed with brothers talking about politics and current affairs. Then there will be the youngsters in their own gangs, talking about movies and music, cars and the list of topics is endless.

Talking about worldly issues is not the real problem, instead the problem is ONLY talking about these. We become so lost in the life of this world, that we forget our religious duties. The fact that we rarely discuss Islam in our gatherings is a major weakness. It clearly shows that we don't regard Islam as our number one priority. We don't seem to care how many times our brother's and sister's are praying or how much good they are doing, instead we talk about job, salary, car and other issues that are less important.

Remember, when you are in a group of people, the topic of discussion will be dictated by their interests. So if you're hanging around with people who only ever talk about politics, making money, cars, films, sport, etc. you ought to discuss Islam with them at times, otherwise you should not associate yourself with them too often and look for better company. In simple terms, you only talk about the stuff you really love and you must talk about Islam so that you can develop interest and enthusiasm towards it. Good company will save you and bad company will ruin you. The choice is yours, the decision is yours, you choose your friends, be wise and be careful.

Sameer Hussain

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