Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Underlying Problem

Here we go again, the streets of Birmingham are full of chaos, uncertainty and frustration. An alleged plot to behead a member of the British Army has been foiled by intelligence workers. Some of us feel sorry for the British Muslim member of the army, who had been serving in Afghanistan, protecting the nation from an evil eye. Others would argue that the war in Iraq and Afghanistan causes the death of several human beings everyday, therefore anyone who is responsible should be killed (not beheaded). Personally, I don't think that such plots will achieve anything because such acts are sickening and will not give birth to peace and harmony. One could say the same about most other forms of terrorism, e.g. suicide bombings and car bombs.

But then that makes me think, how can we help our fellow human beings in Iraq and Afghanistan from the situation that they have been put into? Peaceful marching? Violent protests? Well, none of these have had much of an effect as yet. How can we save the next 5-year old kid from being bombed to bits like thousands of others?
I don't have the answer because just like many others, I am helpless, I can't do anything to stop Britain and USA (in terms of their evil foreign policy). But is it ok to simply turn a blind eye to what is happening as the result of the decisions of a few politicians? The image of Britain is being ruined, it is up to the British people to do something about it. Despite living in a democracy, we are afraid of saying the truth because of the possible consequences.

Other than that, I came across a blog article which was titled, 'Muslims are not paranoid - everyone does really hate them'. My response is as follows:

My dear friend, you stop the British and American forces from killing innocent people in massive numbers and over several years (wiping out nations - Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon), and then we talk about peace. How can we stop the West from committing such crimes? By negociating with people whose hands are covered in blood? We want peace as much as you do, but won’t let you have it unless you let us have it.

It seems obvious to me that the underlying problem is British foreign policy. By arresting a few angry and frustrated individuals you are not going to solve the problem, you need to look at the bigger picture. Muslims are not targeting the West because people have a different lifestyle (as the media wants you to believe), but because the West is actively killing on a large scale day after day, as if it is some kind of natural process. Then when we get any form of retaliation, we respond in shock and label it as terrorism?

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