Thursday, February 22, 2007

Jermaine prays for Michael

Written by Islamic Times
Sunday, 11 February 2007

Jermaine Jackson, also known as Abdul Aziz emerged from the Celebrity Big Brother house in January, and in one of the first interviews he gave, he said he prays his brother, Michael Jackson will convert to Islam.

Jermaine who lives between Bahrain and Dubai said he believes his brother has given it serious thought after Michael joined his brother to live in the Middle East. “Michael, I feel, needs to become a Muslim because I think it’s a great protection for him from all the things that he’s been attacked with, which are false,”

“There’s a strength and protection there,” “I was the reason why he had gone there, I wanted him to get out of America and just go somewhere where it’s peaceful and quiet and people pray five times a day which is beautiful.”

Jermaine Jackson said his faith helped keep him sane in the enclosed confines of the reality TV programme where the contestants were kept within the compounds of the big brother house and were under 24-hour surveillance. “If I didn’t have Allah and my prayer rug, I would not have survived. It kept me focused, it kept me calm.” he said.

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