Monday, April 02, 2007

Drugs and Rap

If you're older than 10 and younger than 20, you probably know people or have friends that are trying to live the life of a rap star. Just like the big boyz, they wanna drive heavy cars, be seen with pretty ladies, smoke like its all that matters and live life to the fullest. Well, it seems all cool, but things do go wrong, just that it can be hard to find out when uve gone down the drain.

So, where does it all start? Do you just watch a 'Get Rich or Die Tryin', and walk out the cinema thinking you wanna be that man. No, not quite that simple. It takes time, slowly your character starts to change. Maybe you cut your hair like dem manz or u start to dress like em. And then you start treatin ppl like they gotta be treated, speakin to yer old man the way any young geeza would, tellin your mom to mind 'er own business. Just havin that attitude that makes u feel big, u dnt need to respect any1 - dats all a load of bull. Cos thats the way life is meant to be, hard and rough.
What happenz nxt? ur mates want u to try some weed but you dnt do that sh*t but u dnt mind a bit of a smoke. Then u gta move on, the real stuff is waitin for ya. You got nuthin to lose, no1 gives a sh*t abt u anyway. Remember, ur still looking up to your hero, that rapper that knws the true meanin of life.

Five years later, you're addicted to drugs, ur lifes a mess, ur mom and dad are shattered, ppl dnt like u no more. u wna be that same old school boy but it dnt happen dat way, the clock dnt go back. Your left with your drug addiction, the hero in dat movie is gone, but theres sum1 else in his place, jus lyk theres sum1 else in ur place.

Now - I'm not lecturing anyone, that ain't my job but I just want young people to do better in life. And I don't think we should tell anyone not to take drugs, because thats their choice, but its our job to let them know what will happen to them. Thats really why I started to volunteer for Right Start Foundation a few months ago. At the moment, I've just done some drugs courses but in the future I hope to help out some ppl with drugs problems and also spread awareness of drugs and the problems they pose.

I think its important for Muslims to not just complain about things but actually go out there and try to do something about it, even if its only one hour a month, its a step in the right direction. There are so many Muslim brothers and sisters that have ruined their lives because of drugs and many more will continue to do so. Most of them didn't even realise that drugs could be so damaging, ruining not only their life but also their family.

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