Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shahrukh Khan Controversy

Please read the article below and make your own judgement on this controversy, remember always check the source of information before taking it for the truth. Initially, I was very angry when I heard this on the radio but later found out that the media is corrupt and unreliable.....especially certain Indian news channels....their stories are full of hype and sensation.....

A typing error, i.e. using a comma instead of a full stop has caused so much controversy. Article follows.......

Rumours have been circulating that in a recent magazine interview, Shahrukh Khan compared the Prophet Mohammad to negative figures in history, such as Hitler. Obviously, these comments have offended many people in the Muslim community.

According to the rumors, the Mumbai Aman Committee has issued a complaint against Shahrukh Khan to the Bandra Police Station. They claim that SRK has offended the attitudes of their community and a clarification from the actor is in order.

According to reports, the interview, which was printed in “Time’n Style Luxury” magazine, reads as follows:

“According to you who is the most impressive figure in history?
‘There are lots of them, some negative ones like Hitler, then Napoleon, Winston Churchill and if I can call it history, then Prophet Mohammed and from recent time - Nelson Mandela. And there are the nice ones like Gandhiji and Mother Teresa.’”

However, in an attempt to cover their tracks, the magazine published a clarification of the interview in a tabloid. The Magazine claims that the answer to the question should have appeared in the following way:

”There are lots of them, some negative ones like Hitler. Then Napoleon, Winston Churchill were impressive. If I can call it history, then most impressive positive figure is Prophet Mohammed. And from recent time - there are nice ones like Nelson Mandela, Gandhiji and Mother Teresa”.

In a message, the Bollywood actor who is currently abroad shooting for Karan Johar’s “My Name is Khan”, said that there is no more important figure in history than Prophet Mohammad. “Being a Muslim and standing up for the tenets of Islam is my most important agenda,” he said.

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