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Received this via a forwarded e-mail:

A passage from The Holy Quran...

'Satan's plan is to sow enmity and hatred among you with intoxicants and gambling, and to hinder you from the remembrance of Allah and from prayer. Will you not then give up?'
The Holy Quran - Surah 5 Verse 90

Allah Subhaanahu wa ta'ala makes it clear in our book of guidance The Holy Quran, that intoxicants are all part of satan's handy work. Intoxicants and all those things alike are forbidden for muslims. It does not befit a muslim to be a part of satan's evil plan; to be so strictly dependent on something other than Allah Subhaanahu wa ta'ala (Glorified and High is He); to be in a state of mind where we do not have full control over our emotions and when we are not fully aware of the consequences of our actions....

'They ask thee concerning wine and gambling. Say: 'In them is great sin, and some profit, for men; but the sin is greater than the profit'
The Holy Quran - Surah 2 Verse 219

Over the last few years we have heard doctors say that having a glass of wine everyday is good for you. Allah Subhaanahu wa ta'ala told us this over 1400 years ago! Nothing was left out, knowing that some might say 'well the doctor said its good for me so thats why i have it' Allah Subhaanahu wa ta'ala has made it clear having firstly acknowledged that it does have its benefits, that the sin outweighs the good. Subhaan-Allah! Glory be to Allah The Al-Alim, The Knower of All.

In the hadith it is narrated by Jabir (May Allah be pleased with him) that a man came from Yemen and asked the prophet Muhammed (peace & blessings be upon him) about a wine made from corn called ‘Mizr’, which they drank in their land. (to the nearest effect)

The Prophet (peace & blessings be upon him) asked:

'Is it intoxicating?'
He replied; 'Yes'

The Prophet (peace & blessings be upon him) said:

'Every intoxicant is unlawful. Verily there is covenant upon Allah for one who drinks intoxicating drinks, that He will make him drink from ‘Teenatul Khabal.'

They asked, 'O messenger of Allah, what is Teenatul Khabal?'

He (peace & blessings be upon him) said:

'The sweat (or impurities) of the inmates of hell.'

Ok, think we can safely say that no matter what benefits some intoxicants may have, they are certainly not worth it!

So when talking about intoxicants we are referring to alcohol, marijuana, weed, skunk, hash, cocaine, extacy, magic mushrooms, heroin, crack, acid, paan, yes, thats exactly what i said PAAN and any thing else that gets you buzzin!!

So where does smoking cigarettes come into this??? hmmm......

Well simply... there are generally 2 views on this...

Some say its HARAM (forbidden) others say its MAKROOH (disliked)

Nagatives of smoking - damage to own health as well as others, very addictive, bad odour, waste of money....

Positives of smoking - ermmm.... can i ask the audience?!

It is clear that smoking has no benefit in our lives and the negative aspects of smoking mentioned above all go against the teachings of islam and therefore it does not befit the muslim ummah to be involved in such actions. Many people nowadays smoke sheesha and those who generally are against smoking cigarettes find smoking sheesha acceptable! And it has become very very popular amongst mainly muslims!!! Subhaan-Allah! What are we doing?!!
Its the same as smoking! Some might say well its only a tiny, tiny amount of the nicotein that cigarettes have in them. Lets see what our beloved prophet (peace & blessings be upon him) had to say about this...

In the hadith it is narrated by Jabir (May Allah be pleased with him) that the prophet Muhammed (peace & blessings be upon him) said:

'If a large amount of anything causes intoxication, a small amount of it is prohibited'
(Abu Dawud)

And lets just say its not haraam but its makrooh, what does makrooh mean?? It means disliked. Oh ok, but disliked by who?? Disliked by The Greatest!! Disliked by The Highest!! Disliked by the Creator of the universe! Disliked by the Giver of Life & Death! Its not our families, our partners, our friends or even the scholars that are saying they dislike it, its ALLAH!!! So why would we want to do something that Allah Subhaanahu wa ta'ala dislikes?!! Think about it!!

Oh, here's a few facts about the effects of sheesha (from the NHS)

Some of us might be reading this and think well we don't do any of these things so it DOESN'T MATTER. Sorry guys of course it matters! We live in a society where its quite EASY for our friends and family and even ourselves to fall into these HABITS and once something becomes a habit its not easy to REMOVE.
So we need to HELP one another. Remind each other how it is DISLIKED by ALLAH Subhaanahu wa ta'ala. Remind one another about the effects intoxicants have on our HEALTH. Remind each other of all the money we may be WASTING. What is normally routine, try and CHANGE so doing these things is not part of a timetable that we need to follow. SUPPORT one another in the EFFORT to remove the bad habits from our lives. If you dont like your friends or family doing these things try and make it more DIFFICULT for them to do it, don't ENCOURAGE it!

' is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you & that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But God knoweth & ye know not.'
The Holy Quran - Surah 2 Verse 216

May Allah Subhaanahu wa ta'ala help us in our efforts to remove the bad habits we may have in our lives and replace them with good ones.

May Allah Subhaanahu wa ta'ala also give us the ability to help and support our friends & families and to remove intoxicants far away from the muslim ummah.

I ask Allah Subhaanahu wa ta'ala, The Al-Ghaffar - The Forgiver, for His Mercy & Compassion and forgive me for anything that I may have said that was not correct.

“Verily never will Allah change the condition of people until they change the condition themselves”
The Holy Quran - Surah 13 Verse 11

To Allah we belong & to Allah we return
The Holy Quran - Surah 2 Verse 156

A servant of Allah,


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