Saturday, December 09, 2006

Blair Strikes Again

Mr Blair said:

"If you come here lawfully, we welcome you. If you are permitted to stay here permanently, you become an equal member of our community and become one of us."

"The right to be different, the duty to integrate: that is what being British means."

"And neither racists nor extremists should be allowed to destroy it."

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Why is it that the British National Party (BNP) has the right to damage what it means to be British? Surely, they are racists?

Tony Blair has been a loser all the time and now he is behaving like a very sore one.

Integration is something that cannot be forced, you can't make people get on well but what you can do is stop making so many hurtful comments (e.g. Tony Blair backing the attempts to limit wearing of veil and questioning the funding of Muslim organisations). Such comments will fuel the tension and make the situation a lot worse than it is. People need time to improve relations and this will only happen if we all behave as normal and it is certainly not normal to start analysing every little aspect of someones religion (e.g. the veil issue) and tell them to change so that they can integrate more. Just be normal and let things get better and they will.

Here is an extract from a Guardian article on the same issue:

Muhammad Abdul Bari, secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Britain, told Mr Blair that he could not "agree more" with his positive remarks on multiculturalism and integration. But in a statement he added: "It was disappointing to see that the PM continues to see the phenomenon of terrorism as a clash of values rather than being prepared to examine whether some of our misguided policies in the Middle East have contributed to gravely exacerbating the threat from extremist groups. It was also worrying to see the PM using emotive language such as Britain 'being taken for a ride' or its good and tolerant nature being 'abused'. That can only help reinforce a 'them and us' attitude, when the reality is that there are a tiny group of people - from various different backgrounds - that commit criminal acts and should be dealt with firmly using due legal process."

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