Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Avoiding Major Sins

The points below are taken from an article by Syed Yasin Ali:

“If you avoid the major sins which you have been forbidden, We will cancel out for you your (other) evil deeds and admit you (to Paradise) with a noble entry.” (An-Nisaa 4:31).

We can avoid all kinds of sins by praying five times a day, reciting the Holy Qur’an, observing the five pillars of Islam and by keeping ourselves busy with the name of Allah (zikr). By observing these duties, we leave very little room for sins to occur. We should also go to the mosque regularly and we should keep good company. Thus, these sins don’t have any influence on us.

But true repentance is the key to avoiding sins. Whenever we commit a sin, we should beg for forgiveness from Allah the Almighty and we should vow not to repeat them again. Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala forgives the sins of those who repent. He says in the Holy Qur’an:

“Except those who repent and believe and do good deeds. Such will enter the Garden, and they will not be wronged in any way.” (Al-Maryam, 19:60).

It is very hard for a Mu’min (believer) to remain sinless throughout his life. We commit sins everyday. But we should try to avoid the major sins that are very displeasing to Allah. We should repent for the sins that we commit and we should beg Allah’s forgiveness. We should also do good deeds in order to replace our sins. We should also have a good understanding about Islam through the Qur’an and hadith. Thus, we will know the sins and the unlawful deeds that displease Allah and will be able to avoid them.

Please do read this short article in its entirety:
Major Sins and How to Avoid Them
By Syed Yasin Ali

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